Welcome to
The Charles M. Bair
Family Museum

Museums are more than the repositories of objects; they are the cultural, civic, and educational centers of communities.

Elizabeth Guheen
Director and Chief Curator
The Bair Family Museum focuses on the history and art of the Bair family and the family’s impact and place in the fabric of Montana and the West. What makes the Bair house museum the important historic site it is today is its personal and heartfelt blending of periods and family memories, of genteel aesthetics mixed with one family’s frontier birthright.

As the home has evolved with additions, new designs and refurbishments during the family’s lifetime, so has the museum evolved.

At the time of her passing in 1993, Alberta Bair was consulting with museum professionals, curators, and conservators who provided guidance and reports about the condition of various objects in the collection. Today, we are continuing with this work. It is our belief that the Bair Art Museum, the newest addition to the Bair Family Home site c completed in 2012, will provide additional opportunities for visitors to analyze, evaluate, enjoy, study, and learn from the Bair family’s legacy.