Bair Family Legacy of Philanthropy Celebrated

The Charles M. Bair Family Museum kicks off its 2016 season with a celebration of the legacy of philanthropy the Bair family has established in central and south central Montana, particularly in Wheatland, Meagher, and Yellowstone counties. The museum, located … Continued

Summer Music Celebrates Bair Birthdays in Martinsdale

Violinist Laura Dalbey and guitarist Elizabeth Adcock, members of the Billings Symphony Orchestra, will be performing at the Bair Museum in Martinsdale from 1-3pm, Saturday, July 11, 2015. In the summer, the museum celebrates Bair birthdays: Charles Bair born June … Continued

UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS Day at the Bair Museum

On Saturday, November 8, visitors will have therare, once-a-year opportunity to tour both the downstairs home and the upstairs private family quarters at the Bair Family Museum. The unique and popular tour is offered for the dis counted price of $3 for adults and no … Continued

Birthday Celebration at the Bair Museum

Music, memoir, and poetry featured at the July 11th and 12th weekend celebration of the Bair family birthdays. Alberta Bair and her sister Marguerite were both born in July, 1895 and 1889, respectively. In honor of the Bair sisters, The Charles M. Bair Family Museum is hosting a weekend of special events. Friday … Continued