Painters whose work is represented in the Bair Collection include:

  • Charles M. Russell (American, 1864-1926)
  • Joseph Henry Sharp (American, 1859-1953)
  • Édouard Leon Cortès (French, 1882-1969)
  • Dietz Edzard (German, painted in France, 1893-1963)
  • Suzanne Eisendieck (German, painted in France,  1908-1969)
  • Edward Potthast (American, 1857-1927)
  • Lewis Henry Meakin (American,1850-1917)
  • William Henry Drake (American, 1856-1926)
  • John Frederick Herring, Sr. (British, 1795-1865) and George Cole (British, 1810-1883)
  • Jean-Marc Nattier (School of) (French, 1685-1766)
  • Charles Tredupp (German, American, 1864-1936)
  • A. Michel (French, mid-20th century, exact dates unknown)
  • George Gerbier (French, mid-20th century, exact dates unknown)

The Bair Collection includes over 80 beautiful Native American objects. Several Native cultures are represented in the collection and objects date from about 1880 to 1940.

The collection also includes five volumes of photographer and ethnologist Edward S. Curtis’s  (1868-1952) North American Indian series of photogravures. These original and delicate photographs are displayed on a rotating basis in a light sensitive gallery.

Other artists represented by antique objects in the house include Francesco Righetti (Italian, 1749-1819), Paul Storr, Michel Bary (French, 1690-1761), John Parker and Edward Wakelin (English), Rebecca Eames and Edward Barnard.(English). The collection also includes a small  but exquisite group of Navajo weavings by unidentified artists circa 1890-1940.