The Bair Art Museum provides a wonderful opportunity for the public to see the range and quality of the paintings in the collection. The Blue Gallery features the European paintings collected by Marguerite and Alberta Bair during their travels to New York, England and France. It also has three paintings that belonged to Mary Bair. These paintings are by contemporaries of Joseph Henry Sharp and Mrs. Bair acquired them from Sharp when they lived in Billings in the early part of the 20th century. Artists include Charles M. Russell (American, 1864-1926),Joseph Henry Sharp (American, 1859-1953), Édouard Leon Cortès (French, 1882-1969), Dietz Edzard (German, painted in France, 1893-1963),Suzanne Eisendieck (German, painted in France, 1908-1969), Edward Potthast (American, 1857-1927), Lewis Henry Meakin (American,1850-1917,) William Henry Drake (American, 1856-1926), John Frederick Herring, Sr. (British, 1795-1865) and George Cole (British, 1810-1883), Jean-Marc Nattier (School of) (French, 1685-1766 ), Charles Tredupp (German, American, 1864-1936), A. Michel (French, mid-20th century, exact dates unknown), and George Gerbier (French, mid-20th century, exact dates unknown).